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Kanye Apologizes For Swift Debacle... But Is It Too Late? {PopEater}

Sep 14th 2009 3:50PM

MTV VMA's have become a joke!! Kayne is not someone to respect. That kind of behavior is exactly what is being preached by EVERYONE is the wrong behavior and yet you talk about it's ok because "That's Him" that's how he is and it's ok? That kind of ignorance and disrespect will never be ok because other children see this crap and think "it's ok" and because he is a famous person nothing will be done to him. It's not a racist situation it's called STUPIDITY AND IGNORANCE AND DISRESPECT!!!! Get off the racist stuff!!! If you want to talk racist, then think about this, Kayne's ignorant behavior is exactly why the "N" word will never go away.

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