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Luxist Giveaway: Tacori Smoky Quartz and Prasiolite Earrings {Luxist}

Sep 27th 2010 5:15PM

If I won, I would give them to my mother who is so deserving of these lovely earrings.

Fantasia Released From Hospital Following Overdose {PopEater}

Aug 12th 2010 11:08AM

What I wish is for women to stop dating married men. Don't date him until the divorce is final. You hurt so many people when you do something like this - his children, her child, etc. Forget about the dumb adults.

Is Joran van der Sloot a killer? {AOL Hot Searches}

Jun 9th 2010 12:01PM

You know I get sick and tired of people making this about race. Van der sloot is a psychopath neither one of those young women should have been murdered no matter what their race. Natalie Holloway was not killed because of the History of Alabama. I lived in Alabama for ovr 5 years and not once was I disrespected or discriminated against because of my race. Times change and People change. You should change your way of thinking. Van der sloot had a father who was connected to law enforcement in Aruba, so just because he has white skin didn't give him a free ticket, his daddy who was connected did. Now his father is dead, no one will be able to get him out of this one. He needs to be locked up and never let out, because he will kill again if he is released.

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