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TSA To Permit Pocket Knives And Golf Clubs On Planes (But Still Not Liquids) {Gadling}

Mar 5th 2013 3:00PM

I carry a small pocket knife with me everywhere I can. It is a TOOL. Yes, it could be used as a weapon, but a small one. That's why when I fly now I carry a pair of leather gloves in my pocket so I won't dirty my hands beating the snot out of somebody that tries to use something like this as a weapon.

Hotel And Event Hosts Sued By Family Of Girl Killed Sliding Down A Banister {Gadling}

Jul 28th 2012 10:25AM

Think about this. This dead lady was a TEACHER!! I'm sorry for her and her family, but what common sense could she have imparted on her students....

Angelina Jolie's Trip to Tunisia Incites Riot {PopEater}

Apr 8th 2011 8:51AM

What about the parable of the little old lady who gave her last penny to the poor. When Jolie has to live in a 3 bedroom house or apartment in the bad side of town, I'll praise her "giving"

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