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Which Hollywood actress is expecting again? {MyDaily UK}

Aug 23rd 2011 11:16PM

I think these two people know what they want in life. Hey hope its a boy this time. cpg

Video: Britney Spears Releases Dance Version of 'Till the World Ends' {PopEater}

Apr 15th 2011 6:02PM

White Trash huh ! Sounds like some Northerner about Trash from the south. Meanwhile she laughs all the way to the bank. We don't care what you think up north. And from the Deep South "Roll Tide". The South will rise again ! The talented from the south keep doing it right. cpg

Kate Middleton Up Close: A Royal Photographer's Story {AOL Royal Wedding}

Apr 13th 2011 5:49AM

Both are very clean cut and fit the royallty frame very well. Wish them well and continueing the royal family of England through their generation. Why would anyone call her a slut . Many women are sluts these days. A very free for all for most out here. They goof it up for the clean cut ones. cpg

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