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In Firm Defense of Steven Spielberg's '1941' {Cinematical}

Feb 22nd 2010 10:53AM

I love this movie! I grew up with nuke fallout drills. ID checks to get back on the base. Even rumors of nukes underground near our school. I grew up as a military brat. This movie reflects how crazy this world is getting and we need the lighter side of laughter and to show us as a world that we can laugh at ourselves. Sometime nonsense makes perfect sense! This movie is funtastic!

Goldberg Rips Somers for Swayze Quotes {PopEater}

Sep 24th 2009 3:51PM

I find that these so called stars show their true self when they make stupid statements that chemo killed Swayze. I too had advanced cancer and chemo helped save my life.I've been cancer free since 1991.Each person is unique and we respond differently.I was given twice the amount not to mention two different types.YOU GO GIRL! GOLDBERG!

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