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Mother Of Nine Says She Was Sterilized Against Her Will {ParentDish}

Jan 9th 2010 11:18PM

It's everybodies business especially if she have nine kids and raised by the taxpayers .What kind of job does she have besides making baby?

Mother Of Nine Says She Was Sterilized Against Her Will {ParentDish}

Jan 6th 2010 8:04PM

Amen sister, this woman is nuts...who is paying her lawyer If she is getting help by the taxpayers money.My husband was in the service for many years and during the first Persian Gulf War.When the war was over,they have what they call a draw-down so he was one of GI to be laid off. We packed our belongings and comeback home.It took us couple months before we could find job.My child has a medical problem and without insurance it'll cost us a fotune.That's when I asked assistance from our government, Do you think I got some help? He'll no!!! instead they told us to sell our car and come back in a few weeks.The worst part was there were women behind me with three and four kids with bling bling all over them talking that thier children have different fathers. They were there to collect welfare and foodstamp.What is wrong with the system?

Goldberg Rips Somers for Swayze Quotes {PopEater}

Sep 24th 2009 4:07PM

you are absolutely correct JK,Whoopie has an attitude problem.It's like she is living in a fantacy world that she knows better than anybody well, though!.

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