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A Conversation on Homosexuality, the Black Church, and the Black Community {BV Black Spin}

Oct 4th 2010 2:18PM

This issue is tragic because it brings to light the condition of the human heart; it also involves God, because the “Church” is believed to represent God. But the truth is that the Word of God is a spiritual book that has to be spiritually understood, and the true church, the body of Christ, is a spiritual entity. So even though the setting is a church, and the scenario involves a pastor, God has nothing to do with this, it is all man’s doing. A church building and a human being with a title, doesn’t mean that the person or the building is spiritually connected to God, and church membership is not synonymous with discipleship.

This true issue here is SIN. If the accusations are true, SIN is the issue. If the accusations are false, SIN is still the issue, and JESUS CHRIST is the conqueror of SIN. He overcame death, hell, the grave, the world, the flesh, and principalities and powers. When things like this happen others quickly rise up to judge, as though we all don’t have issues of our own to deal with. Any leader who is keeping his or her mouth shut, Is absolutely right in doing so, that gives truth an opportunity to come forth. Believe it or not, the negative things that are said while advancing toward the truth are just as harmful exponentially, as the issue.

Airbrushing Controversy Surrounds Gabourey Sidibe Elle Cover {PopEater}

Sep 16th 2010 6:42PM

You couldn't care less about her health...because if you did you wouldn't make such a mean statement.

Airbrushing Controversy Surrounds Gabourey Sidibe Elle Cover {PopEater}

Sep 16th 2010 6:38PM

From my observations most people are plain, with non-athletic bodies. I thank God for barber shops, beauty salons, gyms, and make-up because humans need that. That is why we wear fake this and that, and get botox and plastic surgery,and weight-loss products. So chances are you too are hard to look at, the only difference is that this young lady made the front page. Congrats Gabourey.

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