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Britney 'Extremely Upset' in Australia {PopEater}

Nov 9th 2009 1:41PM

She has top hits because they use machines to make her voice sound pleasant enough to remix a good dance song for the clubs and, God love 'em, a LOT of gay men. She's the modern era Cher. If you just watch Disney, you'll see that being able to sing has very little to do with anything. The entertainment industry can make anyone look good. I would classify her as a member of the "circus", not a real artist packing a voice like Celine Dion or anything. And who says that's a totally bad thing? The circus sells out every time it comes to town.

Victim Forgave Polanski, But Not Media {PopEater}

Sep 28th 2009 8:56PM

So she wants want she wants whatever. But it is really selfish and self-centered to think that sex offendors only committed a crime because they wanted you and ONLY you. He likely had other victims or would have if it weren't the exploitation of this case. I'm sure the media coverage deterred him from doing it again. How about looking out for other people? And not sending a message of tolerance to other offendors?

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