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Hot Pics: Stars on the Beach in 2009 {PopEater}

Dec 30th 2009 10:48PM

Whats up with Kelly Rippa? Look at her upper body. SEXY? I THINK NOT!!!!!!! It is very UGLY! She looks like a skeleton. WHAT HAPPENED KELLY??

Michelle Duggar: Baby Doing 'As Well As Can Be Expected' {ParentDish}

Dec 18th 2009 5:46PM

If you all would remember that it is their choice to do what they believe in. These many nasty remarks were not made of Kate G who relied on TLC for a living to take care of her children! The Duggars have supported theirs for almost all their lives. Remember they have not been on TV that long. God bless them and all their children, and if they want to have more it is their choice. So stop being jealous of this family and get on with your own lives, and stop being so mean to others. I love your program , and I will watch it until you decide to stop. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

The Michael Jackson Painting Everyone's Talking About {PopEater}

Dec 7th 2009 10:40PM

I agree with you. Everyone should just let it go! Remember him through his music (which is GREAT!). If it were your family, how would you feel? LET MJ RIP!!!!!!!

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