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Gosselin Apologizes, Tries to Halt Divorce, But a New Kate Plus 8 Moves On {PopEater}

Sep 29th 2009 3:12PM

I cant believe you women! What if this dork were your brother you would have kicked her but!
I totaly agree with the below statement.

Tuesday 29 September
By Michele

If Jon had treated Kate in manner in which she regularly treated him on the show, people would be screaming that he was abusing her mentally and verbally. Kate should not get a pass for her behavior just because she is a woman. Granted Jon has made some stupid choices but no one deserves to be treated in the disrespectful, abusive manner Kate has treated Jon on a weekly basis on their show since it has aired. No wonder he despises her. If Kate and TLC really cared about the welfare of her children and the status of her marriage, they would have put the show on hiatus and addressed these issues in private. But no, that would cost them money and ratings. Kate only seems to care about making money and being a celebrity. Unfortunately, her children and marriage seem to come a distant second no matter what she says in the media. Her actions speak for themselves. Jon is a complete idiot if even considers reconciling with that woman.

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