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'Message With a Bottle' -- Daddy Blogging One Post-It Note at a Time {Asylum}

Jun 19th 2010 11:19PM

That's flippin hilarious.

Rep: 'Single Ladies' Girls Did 'Nothing Provocative' {PopEater}

May 15th 2010 9:10PM

I think the uniforms were cute.. a little too booty-bearing. That's about it. The dance wasn't really bad either, UNTIL THE LAST 30 SECONDS OR SO... then it got a little risque for them.( pelvic swirling) But the girls are AMAZING!!!!!!!

How Long Can You Go Without Washing Your Hair? {StyleList (Main)}

Mar 13th 2010 9:47PM

I am a hairstylist with fine hair. I also have a busy life with 2 kids, a husband and my buddies... and I don't always feel like washing my hair everyday!! I do everyone elses!!! LOL! I have gone 3 days without shampooing, but never 4 because I tried it and with my hair- it's just too oily. Dry shampoo is amazing!!!! And haven't you ever heard about "not washing your hair when you are going to get an updo"? It's because when it is dirty is holds a style better. If your hair stinks, SHAMPOO IT. (you shampoo your hair, you wash your car) If it's doing okay, then who are we to judge? Things like texture, color, and skin play into this topic.

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