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Stranded Hurricane Sandy Survivor Leaves Farewell Message in Evacuated Home {AOL Real Estate}

Nov 10th 2012 9:59PM

@Barry Benedict... I'm with you. If it's true, great. But... he said in the note, "I'm in the dark as I write this". So funny how the writing is totally legible and almost as straight as if he'd used lined papger!! Also, he was "swept from his home"? What? Did the water rush into the house, sweep him up, and out the door or window? I call BS as well!! For those who disagree with us... try reading it without emotion!! I cry at real stories like this... but this one had me laughing.

A Shocking Result on 'Skating With the Stars': The Crowd Boos As the Finalists Are Revealed (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Dec 21st 2010 9:12PM

I agree. I only looked at the article because I wondered what idiocy was taking place this time. It all comes down to "popularity"... who gets the home viewers to come in. Bethany got it because she was on another prime idiot show and then her own "spin off".

What it comes down to is this... it doesn't matter if they are dancing, skating, just standing their picking their noses, or whatever. They could be sitting their doing nothing. It's just the newest popularity contest. And nothing more!

IF they did a true reality and it wasn't a viewer vote, you'd see the most honest contest... you'd see the real talent win and not the popular. It's just a joke what counts as "television" these days and those who watch these audience vote shows need a life. Obviously they have nothing to do because they pride themselves on "calling in" for whoever they like last night and brag about it the next day. I just roll my eyes....

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