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Drew Doughty Injured After 'Collision' With Erik Cole {Fanhouse NHL Blog}

Oct 22nd 2010 3:10PM

that was no accident ! he lined him up and braced himself and went at him shoulder down !

Trailer: 'Edge of Darkness' {Moviefone Blog}

Jan 29th 2010 11:16PM

Just watched this movie in theatre tonight. This was a really great movie ! Gibson still has it ! Fantastic acting by all the cast - good story line, and really made me wonder about how often this stuff really goes on.

'The Ugly Truth'. That Ain't No Lie. {Moviefone Blog}

Jan 29th 2010 11:24AM

I totally agree with you Karla ! I loved it and I thought they were great together ! There is rarely any kind of film made that is not predictable. It was a really fun movie and I would definately watch it again !

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