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Charlie Parker of Warren, Texas, Puts Home Up for Sale to Help Find Lost Dog {AOL Real Estate}

Oct 13th 2012 3:18PM

I am usually pretty ok with my lack of $. But this is one time I wish I were wealthy so I could help you. Bless you. Hope the dog is home with you soon.

Boy, 12, Expected to Keep Foot After Texas Shark Attack {ParentDish}

Jul 16th 2011 8:11AM

At our house, there was always "free time".... when no tv, video games, phone calls, etc. were allowed. However, with other activities (dance, soccer, band, etc), sometimes the free time was just wishful thinking. My kids learned to value that time. They could read, listen to music, create, etc. That would be a great time for your daughter to read the mags and make "inspiration" collages. A spiral notebook, markers, and a glue stick is all needed... maybe some cool stickers. She can scrapbook and enjoy.

Why Cats Hate the Vet - Plus Ways To Make the Visit Easier on Everyone {Pawnation OLD}

Apr 9th 2011 2:22PM

I understand... sometimes cats are like kids .... angels in public and h*** on wheels at home.
And ignore the juvenile, rude people. Their parents never taught them to be polite, so they have become social outcasts.
Grandma Gayle

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