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'Jon & Kate Plus 8' to End in November {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 17th 2009 4:57AM

noone was a bigger fan than I, I stuck by Kate, prayed for the MALEdouche and his douchbagas to meet an early demise, along the way, I have seen that the loser, who calls himself "Father", has singel handedly killed off the opportunity for Kate and the children to keep making a living, I am sick of him, sick, sick, sick! Whenever Kate is divorced from the no good, moral-less bast..d I will watch her, read her, support her ways of making a living, as long as that "frickin bastardo" is still in the picture I won't! He has ruined the childrens soul. Kasybe he'll have a stroke, msybe it would keep him from uttering another word. It would be best for all involved.For every time he opens his mouth lies and total disfunction spout every way. Get him off TV, we do not want to see his ugly face. The M..F cheater. Has he forgotten? He's not only cheated on Kate, but on 8 children? There is NO excuse, a little Dick itching is no excuse to ruin 9 lives!! Kate and 8 kids. He needs to be held resonsible, get his ugly face off TV I don't want trash in my home!

Kelly Ripa Announcement: She's Returning to 'All My Children'! {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 17th 2009 4:37AM

you are so right, thank God we don't have to watch them, without Regis she'd be NOTHING, her false laugh, when she shakes those shoulders to "act a laugh" makes me want to VOMIT!!

Kelly Ripa Announcement: She's Returning to 'All My Children'! {Inside TV Blog}

Oct 17th 2009 4:31AM

WHY, WHY, OH WHY??? She is getting soooooooo greety, is that a two fer?, two for one? Really, is she getting Mark a job? What the hell, they have 3 kids, is it all about the money?, it's NOT for their talend.

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