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Watch: Is Marilyn Monroe Smoking Pot? {PopEater}

Dec 2nd 2009 4:39PM

Does it even matter?

Mike Tyson Doesn't Want to Know Details of Daughter's Death {PopEater}

Oct 9th 2009 7:08PM

My heart goes out to Mr. Tyson and his family. I loved him as a champion, was ashamed of his behavior at times and saw a person from a troubled childhood become a troubled adult. All-in-all, I believe it would be difficult for any person raised as he was to suddenly be cast in the spotlight with fame and fortune and not make serious financial, legal and/or ethical errors. Mr. Tyson, only you know what you have endured and only you are responsible for your eternal fate. Be true to your faith and not those who pass judgement upon you for they too will be judged. Oeace....

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