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Woman Falls Asleep On Flight To Paris, Wakes Up In Pakistan {Gadling}

Aug 25th 2012 2:26PM

Maybe she fell asleep 12 hours into the flight.

Pilot Holds Plane for Grandfather Of Murdered Toddler {AOL Travel News}

Jan 13th 2011 9:26PM

This pilot is made of the right stuff. Reminds me of the kind of people we had loitering over the jungles, taking fire, on rescue missions in Nam

How the FBI and Better Business Bureau Are Cracking Down on Job Scammers {AOL Jobs}

Sep 30th 2010 10:54PM

I receive five or six of these scam job offers every week. What I do is hit the reply key and send my message back, which is usually "SMELLS LIKE BULLSHIT TO ME" Not that it really accomplishes anything, but makes me feel better

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