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Arnold Schwarzenegger Bonds With Secret Son {PopEater}

Jul 7th 2011 1:11PM

Sounds like he already is back with the sl@##. You don't really think they are at his home simply out of respect for his bastard son do you? It seems that he could at least have the respect for his legitimate children and Maria, who stood by him even though she knew about his womanizing until this story broke, thanks to the fat woman but it looks like his pagan upbringing is still in charge of his decision making. If he makes another movie I hope it is a box office flop!!!! The article says he will give Maria half his fortune. I guess he will, he has no choice, but he's making it sound as if it is he fair generosity who's giving it to her. He should have to split it 5 ways.Between him and his 3 legitimate children and Maria. He and his housekeeper lover and bastard child would share his fifth. It will soon be her time to cry because his fat ego will never allow him to be a one woman man.

Brooke Mueller on Sheen Roast: Don't Make Fun of Me or I'll Sue {PopEater}

Jul 7th 2011 11:57AM

You probably are, otherwise you wouldn't be talking like that, especially about someone you don't even know.

Lindsay Lohan's First Night Out Results in Paparazzi Frenzy {PopEater}

Jun 30th 2011 1:39PM

She sure has destroyed her looks. She looks like a middle age drunk.That sweet innocent face is gone forever. The direct results of drinking, drugs, and lack of sleep and rest. She has drowned her talent in booze and drugs. I hope other aspiring actresses and actors will learn from this.

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