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EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Talks Kate, Blasts TLC and Tabloid Lies {PopEater}

Oct 11th 2009 9:25PM

So now John wants the kids off the show.....and he can support his family? Gee, i could totally see him buying an apt. in NYC, had he not had the show....and when he goes broke, cause he will, is his girlfriend ready to pay his child support if they marry? She has some nerve , that one! Kate may seem this , and may seem that, but she's not the one jetsetting it all over the place, or calling herself a "celebrity", or driving around in a brand new BMW. She is a mother, trying to give her children a life she would have never been able too. I applaud her. She is to much woman for this idiot. John is a sore loser. he thinks by taking the show away from her, he's got her, but that show puts the food in his kids tummy. I'm sure he worries about that when he's partying in paris, or the hamptons, or L.A. how does anyone take this loser seriously.

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