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Singer Jenni Rivera's talk-show debut a no-go {Celestrellas}

Oct 21st 2011 9:32AM

Umm who is this person? I've never heard of her...

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video) {StyleList (Main)}

May 16th 2011 1:53PM

Yes it was and is appropriate that she was taken from her mother. Her mother is clearly not fit to be a parent. I mean she was not only putting her child's life endanger, she was also emotionally and psychologically abusing her child.

No mother in her right mind would inject her child with botox. Botox is deadly if not done right and even when it is done right it can still kill. Botox is a toxin. The toxins attach themselves to the nerve endings. Muscle contractions cannot occur and paralysis takes place. Not to mention that a child's face is still growing and botox could cause problems with this growth. And botox should ONLY be administered by a licensed doctor. Not by her mother in their home. Another reason why she was taken was because the mother wouldn't say where she got the botox. So who really knows what's in it.

Not to mention that this 8 year old girl will have self image problems most likely for the rest of her life. Which could lead to eating disorder among other things. And all because of her mother. So yes she should have been taken away from her mother.

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video) {StyleList (Main)}

May 16th 2011 1:36PM

You are joking right? Not all women use botox. I for one will NEVER inject a poison into my face.

And the mom was not "preparing her daughter for later in life" as you put it. No mother in their right mind would inject their child with poison. Which is what botox is. Plus children's faces are still growing. Who knows what damage has been done to this poor girls face.

And for crying out loud she's 8 YEARS OLD. She does NOT need to worry about finding a guy. All she needs to worry about is going outside to play with friends and not worry about her appearance.

I hope you're just a troll or that you are joking. Because if you are being serous I hope you NEVER have children. Because you wouldn't make a very good parent.

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