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Oprah Has Her Eye on the Tiger {PopEater}

Dec 3rd 2009 6:24PM

You don't like Opral cause she is good at what she does. Player haters are people like you who don't like successful people.Opral hasn't done anything to you and has done so many thing for the needie of course you have done the same?
Tiger side line girls are not victims at all? They all are broke, easy lays, gold diggers, and now will all be rich. Thanks to Tiger being stupid.

Little Boy Asks Barack Obama, 'Why Do People Hate You?' {Politics Daily}

Oct 16th 2009 3:25PM

It's too bad we have so many player haters out their. Since Obama has been elected all the hiden racisim, fear of someone No white leading our country has come out. Not saying every one that disagrees with Obama is a racist but, the people that say they are not use every thing he does to hate on Obama.
When Obama did the bail outs that Bush started and put in controls and conditions on the money like with GM now he is taking over GM.If he didn't put in conditions like Bush did then Obama just gave away free money. If he did nothning GM as we know would be gone.
The people that seat around and hate on Obama all the time I'm still waiting for all your great solutions to our many problems? We need to pull together to find solutions to the mess we are in. All the energy put in to hating anything and everything that Obama does, come up with some solutions and put them out their for people to hear. Anybody can set around and cry the Blues like Hanny all day who doesn't even do his own research. He got to repeat his self like a broken record and read his staff notes.
Who decided spanish is our second language? My wife is Swiss and our 5
year has been learning French, which her family speaks when we go to Europe. How do you expect spanish speaking people to learn english?

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