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Britney Spears Gives Boyfriend a Lap Dance at Tour Dress Rehearsal {PopEater}

Jun 18th 2011 12:31PM

Is it just me or is he weird looking? She looks old and tired... and lap dancing in front of two small boys... that's not their dad! He's just a boyfriend! Even if it was their dad... do they need to see overt sexual behavior from their MOM and her current boyfriend???? They are all CRAZY.

They're With Coco: 'Still in Love' Courteney and David Focus on Daughter {PopEater}

Nov 16th 2010 11:22AM

Oh enough of them already! Sure thing Coco is confused and having "a little bit of a hard time" with this. They live apart, screw other people but have family dinners and outings together and try to be all affectionate! I'm 43 and confused, can you just IMAGINE a CHILD trying to make sense of it all? They are freaks! They need to LEAVE Hollywood and get a reality check on how the rest of the world behaves!

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