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Try This: Kids and Dating {ParentDish}

Mar 29th 2011 8:24AM

Former teacher in a H.S. here (20 yrs.). I would tell teens (re: HIV infection) that they NEED to remember that if / when they "sleep" with someone that they're "sleeping" with all their partner's PAST partners for the last 10 YEARS as well ! THAT'S how long HIV can remain dormant in us. Let me tell ya - THAT fact woke them up ! Remember when YOU were a teen ? You'd feel as if you were going to live FOREVER ! "Death" is a long way off to teens ! Well, HIV brought that concept to a different level for many of them. And parents - don't delay discussing sexual relations with them either. They'll find it on line or via their peers whether you bring it up or not ! It'll demonstrate to them that you're more informed than they anticipated. It can also raise their "trust" in you to discuss various issues. AND their peers don't always have the correct information. So, take a deep breath and start talkin' ! You won't regret it in the long run.

Report: Tony Danza Yells At Priest During Funeral {PopEater}

Nov 17th 2010 8:34PM

Death of a friend,loved one,family member,etc. can make some of us emotionally frail. I'm not condoning what Tony Danza did but I feel that I DO understand that he did this spontaneously. It was a knee jerk reaction. Wasn't planned. Wasn't intentional. He was probably just overwhelmed over the loss. If / when he apologizes I sincerely hope THAT story gets similar coverage.

Geraldo Rivera Recalls Capone Vault, Says He'd Vote for FOX Colleague {PopEater}

Sep 8th 2010 5:30PM

Long story short - I was a teacher of the handicapped for 20 yrs. I got my start, however, working as a volunteer aide for the mentally retarded while visiting the Willowbrook State School with Geraldo in 1972. So,I want to express my gratitude to him since he was instrumental in helping me choose my vocation and I have no regrets in doing so. I had to resign in 1998,however,since I had surgery that put ME on disability. The "lesson" : always explore avenues that help you narrow down your vocational choices 'cause you're "married" to that vocation for the rest of whatever.

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