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Percy Harvin, Brad Childress Reportedly Had Heated Argument at Practice {Fanhouse NFL Blog}

Nov 7th 2010 7:22PM

You are the ignorant one. A QUIT using you CAPS!!!!!!!!!!! It shows a lack of class to start with! Asians were used as slaves on the west coast to build the railroads. The comment you make abour 3/5 human was correct, this was actually said by stupid people. There are people in all races who are racist. Jesse Jackson leads the way for African/American Racist. Al Sharpton is 2nd. Jesse Helms was a whit racist.
Let it go. If the racist attack is not on you personally let it go. Grow up. If the ones you are talking about do not speak out, then maybe you do not know all the facts-and YOU donot. You are not there so you have NO idea what is going on except what the so called News reports tell you.
Learn life is not fair. Yes I am a OWG-Old White Guy. Some of my best and most trusted friends are African/American so are Hispanics, Gays and many other people not of my color. COLOR is only a Barrier if YOU make it one and YOU do. You are not setting a real good example for others let alone the African American community.

WWE SummerSlam 2010 Results {Fanhouse Main}

Aug 20th 2010 6:24PM

For all of those old enough to remember Skandor Akbar-he died today at the age of 75 while in Texas promoting wrestling matches. He and his fire breathing would make my wife mad enough to fight. Saw him many times in Tulsa in the 70's-90's and the man could entertain with the best of them. Go in Peace-to that land of night with the silvery day.

Yes rasslin is fake, but as has been pointed out-go hit yourself with a chair, or jump off of a roof on to concrete and see how many times you walk away from it.

If you don't like it don't watch it! If you would rather watch soap operas then watch them.

Wrestling Legend 'General' Skandor Akbar Dies {Fanhouse Main}

Aug 20th 2010 6:08PM

Have missed Skandor Akbar and his 'fire blowing' for many years now. Enjoyed watching him wrestle and instagate a near riot, more than one time in Tulsa. Watched him wrestle for many years and he seemed to enjoy the role of a heel. My wife almost got into a fight with him one night in Tulsa when she threw a drink on him as he was going back to the dressing room. Man did he looked surprised, but then he grinned and started laughing and just went on to the dressing room. Guess he figured he had dome what he was paid and loved to due.
Go in Peace.

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