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Lindsay Lohan Will Play 'Deep Throat' Porn Star {PopEater}

May 3rd 2010 10:24PM

you know, all the jokes and cracks about her are ridiculous. i do not think that she is a great actress, but she deserves better than this. other actors have done porn "biopics" and nobody talked badly about them. (val kilmer as john holmes in wonderland) leave this girl alone and see the movie before you judge.

'Risky Business' Star Calls Tom Cruise 'Biggest Bore on the Face of the Earth' {PopEater}

Oct 23rd 2009 2:10AM

personally, i think that pinchot is severely underrated actor amd cruise a severely overrated one. since scientology became his premier occupation, i have yet to see one of his movies. he is a f-ing moron. at least john travolta knows how to keep work seperate from personal. i know it has been 20 years or so, but pinchot's part in beverly hills cop and the sequels were funnier than most of the drivel that came out os eddie murphy's mouth.

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