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TV Star Niecy Nash Walks Down the Aisle {PopEater}

May 31st 2011 6:18AM

Both of them have huge noses. How do they kiss? With lips that huge, I am sure it takes them a minute or two to lock.

I have never seen a bigger nose on a male buck. That buck is one ugly "price." Snicker, snicker!

It's Official: NBC Cancels Boris Kodjoe Spy Series, 'Undercovers' {BV Newswire}

Nov 10th 2010 2:05AM

That's telling 'em, William. Preach about racism, sugar. Put it up there with your congressional black caucus, black student union, BET, black family reunion, black hair magazine, black professional magazine, etc. Oh, and let's not forget about black voices. Put "White" in front of any organization and it's just plain racism, right? Snicker, snicker. You just kill me with your jokes. And you're the same idiot that tells says that Whites are racist because they didn't vote for Obama, right?

You're killing me with your humor! Tsk, tsk! (Or as you would say it, "txe, txe.")

Tommie Smith, Olympian in '68 Black Power Salute, to Sell Gold Medal {Fanhouse Main}

Oct 14th 2010 10:04AM

Disgusting. They should have never been able to keep their medals. The world should have booed them off of the stage, the low life thugs. It was a prime example of how they felt about my country and they should have never been up there on the stage. They should have been back with their ghetto family in the cockroaches ghettos where the lived. It's funny that they are both lowlifes even today. They have never amounted to anything, and won't. Karma is a b!tch sometimes, isn't it, but especially true when you bring shame to my country.

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