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TSA To Permit Pocket Knives And Golf Clubs On Planes (But Still Not Liquids) {Gadling}

Mar 5th 2013 3:46PM

I think it should be required that every passenger carry a loaded pistol aboard every flight. This would gaurantee there will never be another hijacking, and passengers will likely be a lot more polite and considerate to one another. Peace through mutually assured destruction.

Scariest Skydiving Video Ever! {Gadling}

May 26th 2012 11:45AM

Hey Eatahabanero

She did NOT try to work her way out of the it again....even while she was still seated, BEFORE she even started to approach the door, her left shoulder strap wasn't even over her was slid down nearly to her elbow. Tandem jumps are not JUMPS......they are RIDES, and the RIDER goes into it having every expectation that the TANDEM-MASTER, who is IN CHARGE of the RIDE, will take all safety precautions necessary; INCLUDING (but not limited to), CHECKING HIS RIDER'S HARNESS; and more importantly, HEEDING THE RIDER'S WISHES TO ABORT of THEY SO CHOOSE. The more I watch this....the more appalled I become. This tandem-master should lose his USPA license, permanently.

Scariest Skydiving Video Ever! {Gadling}

May 26th 2012 11:34AM

I just watched this again, and I have no words....really. My previous post was slightly in error. This looked like a King Air....a common jump plane. There was plenty of space aft of the jump door; where the tandem-master should have taken this reluctant woman to sit out the jump; while the others exited the plane in front of them. He also clearly did not check her harness properly before making what amounted to an improper exit.

Also, in the video, it appears that the woman was shouting "No"...."No", and even looked down at her face to communicate. I'm not an expert lip-reader, so I can't say that's a legally admissable assertion, but it looked like she was shouting NO. At the end of the day....this woman CLEARLY, had changed her mind. This tandem-master intentionally FORCED this woman out the door. There is no reasonable excuse for this, especially since they had a perfectly safe alternative to abort. He's lucky she didn't have a heart-attack or stroke in-flight. Imagine this was your mother, your granmother, or your wife.

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