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'Twilight' Star Gives Us Her 'New Moon' for PETA {PopEater}

Nov 9th 2009 4:54PM

I am a hunter, and I Eat what I KILL (not "harvest") No Apologies. Please look deeper into PETA and their fund-raising and politics. Where does the money GO?? They were instrumental in stopping the "harvest" of the cuddly little fur seals. When they stopped THAT, it effectively nullified an INTERNATIONAL SEALING TREATY, and made it OPEN SEASON on any and ALL Fur Seals. Prior to the treaty being broken - there WERE STRICT LIMITS to how many of them could be taken! Let WILDLIFE MANAGERS take care of the wildlife - not emotionally damaged, silly people that say "OOOOH how CUTE and how SWEET - let's SAVE THEM ALL!" There is a SCIENTIFIC basis to most wildlife management !
I WOULD join the PETV, prior posting - but have to spend my little bit of cash on AMMO ! LOL !

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