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Best Christmas Movies: The Top 25 Holiday Films Ever {Moviefone Blog}

Dec 25th 2010 9:39AM

My husband and I fell in love with a Christmas movie we found on a Canadian T.V. channel on c-band satellite dish back in the mid-90's . The name of the movie was " Small Gifts", starring Jeremy Ratchford and Jessica Steen. We recorded it and watched it every year.Unforuately we lost our home to a fire in 2004 and we have searched everywhere for this great movie but can not find it anywhere.

Glenn Beck Estimates 'Restoring Honor' Rally Attendance at 500,000 (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Aug 31st 2010 7:30AM

Whether one likes it or not, this movement is calling attention to very serious issues in our nation. I, too, am very concerned about the directions the government is taking us. I am proud to see my fellow Americans have stood very steadfast and has continued to voice their concerns over all these months of mainstream media bashings. I am never surprised to hear the media, politicians and people like Sharpton talking negative about this movement. They all should be ashamed of themselves but they do not have the ability to feel shame.

Whoopi and White House Crasher Go Toe-to-Toe {PopEater}

Aug 8th 2010 9:27AM

I could not agree with you more, Bob. Seems we have gone back 40-50 years with the race card. I think the sitting president has been the ring leader and this boggles my mind because he is our first BLACK president.

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