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Charlie Sheen Taking Tropical Vacation With Wife, Porn Star Girlfriend and Third Woman {PopEater}

Feb 23rd 2011 9:09PM

to Charlie Sheen: It's a damn shame that someone with everything a
person could want (loving family,friends who care about you,not to
mention fame and fortune) would throw it all down the toilet the way
you do. If you were in front of me I'd probably kick your butt! I am a
60 year old woman who fights just to make under 500.00 a month because
I can't find a full time job. and you , you spoiled brat throw it away
on hookers,drugs and crap lie that. I wish I had your talent you
stupid f**k I sure wouldn't throw it away on stiff one! You just psss
me off! You probably won't even know you fans feel this way.

The Devil Helps Women: Anna Wintour as Feminist Icon {MyDaily}

Sep 20th 2010 7:57PM

Not everyone wants to look like an anorexic,with dyed hair and bad taste in jewelry as your picture says. Some of us are real with fuller figures,but look at the market honey they are making $$$$$ hand over fist fitting us. So put your bitchy nose back in place and chew that FAT!!!!!

Oprah Wards Off Attacks About Revealing Charla Nash's Face {PopEater}

Nov 16th 2009 4:19PM

First off I'm white if anyone cares! Opra is a caring woman who has helped many people all over the world regardless of race,religion,or lifestyle. We can't help it that people like you are narrow minded just because you weren't one of the ones who got a new car,or house or cash!! I didn't either but I can see what she does every day to help. Thank God for Hearts like hers.

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