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No Soup for You: School Serves Up Cold Lunch As Punishment {ParentDish}

Apr 17th 2010 12:51AM

I disagree with your comment, although you maybe speaking of a chosen few. Back in the day, you would be able to tell who committed what crime, shooting, black people, Malvo, DC sniper initially they thought he was white, blowup a building white tim mcviegh, 911 changed that. My point Children of ALL races need behavior and respect lessons. We as adults need to stop playing the race card, come together with ideas to take our safe neighborhoods back, and stop allow these unemployed & uneducated little people from controlling the country we worked so hard for them to live in.

No Soup for You: School Serves Up Cold Lunch As Punishment {ParentDish}

Apr 16th 2010 11:38PM

I think she was trying to spell incident, not innocent. However, a cheese sandwich is not punishment. These children of our future make one afraid to get old and have to depend on them for guidance And sadly its our fault as parents, we refuse to treat them the way we were treated as kids, whippings, no TV, no outside recreation, no company etc, and it backfired. Our parents demanded respect, they were our leader and parents not our friends.They rewarded good behavior and good grades, without the above mentioned. Some parents request respect by rewarding with cell phones etc.

Janet Jackson on Dr. Murray: 'He Is Responsible' {PopEater}

Nov 16th 2009 7:20PM

Gregory, I saw "This is it" this weekend, You called MJ a junkie, he is the MOST ORGANIZED junkie I've EVER witnessed. After watching that film, I can honestly say, that would have been the BEST concert ever. It would have surpassed Thiller. He was right " This is it" RIP MJ, you were an amazing individual with great talent. Yes MJ requested the drug to assistant him for whatever reason. However ALL Doctor's have a responsibility also, to patients regardless of their status, Anna Nicole Smith etc, should not be deceased because of doctor greed.

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