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Backstage Report: Donny Osmond Wins 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 9 {AOL TV: Dancing with the Stars}

Nov 25th 2009 1:08PM

I think the show is fixed. Donny & Kelly should not of been up there. Joanna & that young blonde guy should of been up there with Mia. Mia was too good!!! Mia danced circles around everyone. Now that stinks. I'm never watching again. I've watched this show since the get go. Last year it should of been the Italian who won. I didn't see him or the winner from last year,there at all.Lets skip the bs about the fan base. The network and judges make the cuts and final decisions. The money is taken though.It's all about money!!!!!! Shame on them all!!!!!

Six Celebs Who Could Replace Oprah {PopEater}

Nov 20th 2009 2:30PM

Didn't she say she was stepping down before? She said she ran out of topics. She then stayed on and Phil and Racheal came aboard. Maybe this is just another hoax.

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