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Now It's Personal: Jay Leno Jokes About Dave Letterman's Marriage {PopEater}

Jan 21st 2010 12:14PM

I don't care married or not he was with her had a baby with her and then he had sex with another woman!!!

Viewers at 10PM Would Rather Watch DVR Shows Than 'Jay Leno' -- or Anything Else {Inside TV Blog}

Jan 7th 2010 8:22PM

I like Leno, hell put him back on the tonight show and get rid of that other ass hole. Leno is good on both, Obrien sucks has and always will, when he comes out on the show, oh my god what an ass, I quickly turn the tv!

Should Conan O'Brien Leave Sinking Ship NBC? {Inside TV Blog}

Nov 24th 2009 8:05AM

I think there should be no more Tonight Show since Johnny Carson has gone (God Bless Him) it has gone to the dogs! Run some good movies and knock those stupid late night people to %%%%%

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