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Christina Aguilera Botches National Anthem at Super Bowl, Admits Mistake {PopEater}

Feb 7th 2011 10:32AM

What do you expect from today's pop culture. I'm surprised anyone would really expect her to know the words. She probably just learned them and hates singing the words. Besides, in today's culture, it is expected that those who sing the National Anthem will botch our treasured song. Bring back Faith Hill.

Pit Bull Takes a Bite Out of Vanessa Carlton's Leg {PopEater}

May 8th 2010 5:27PM

It's a wonder the owner of the pitbull didn't try to convince us that their dog is a normal family pet. When will pitbull owners admit that these dogs are unpredictable. I'm tired of hearing about how people overreact when talking about pitbulls. Every pitbull owner should have insurance on the dog, and sued for their stupidity. If you have no insurance and the dog bites someone, then jail should get their attention.

Tiger Woods Misses Cut at Quail Hollow {Fanhouse Golf Blog}

Apr 30th 2010 7:17PM

The downfall of Tiger Woods reminds me of Mike Tyson. People have stop fearing Tiger. Realizing he is mortal and can be beaten. Tiger may win more tournaments but will no longer be the dominate force in golf. Unfortunately, golf needs Tiger to again rise to the top to assure TV ratings. Other players may be envious or jealous of Tiger but they can't deny he is solely responsible and for the huge payouts in tournaments. I'm a golfer but without Tiger in the running, the tournaments are boring to watch.

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