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McMansions Are Making a Comeback {AOL Real Estate}

Jun 5th 2013 11:08PM

glad to see the hamptons are doing well.

Squatter Andre Barbosa Lives in $2.5 Million House in Boca Raton for Free {AOL Real Estate}

Jan 25th 2013 4:45PM

I'm trying to figure out whats bothering everybody in the neighborhood. Is the guy throwing loud parties and getting crazy or is it that he's just the wrong color?

Katherine Heigl Discharged From 'Grey's Anatomy'? {PopEater}

Mar 12th 2010 1:12PM

Because of this show I switched careers to work in a hospital. I thought I would be hooking up with all kinds of HOT nurses and doctors. Sad to say I'm only washing bed pans and cleaning up vomit. Don't fall for it like I did. I had so much before.

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