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Is Justin Bieber Poised to Be the Next King of Pop? {AOL Music Blog}

Apr 9th 2011 10:15PM

Even if you were to make a nonbiased comparison, you must realize the internet didn't even exist when Michael started. With out the new tech Justin could have remained a nobody or small potatos. The Jacksons worked very hard to get where they got. Sometimes Michael's father was too hard on them...I hope this is not something Justin shares in common with Michael. A fare comparison would be looking at what marketing and distribution was available for each and then compare sales. I think that you will find Justin has quite a few years to catch up.

Forget Popcorn; Executive Demands Healthy Treats at Movie Theaters {PopEater}

Mar 20th 2010 8:36AM

I agree. If theaters want to make more money...they shouldn't price us out of the option to buy. Even if they offered one healthy thing at a reasonable price I would start buying. I never, ever buy now because A) it is so rediculously priced and B)most of it would make me ill anyway.

Since I have never seen a therater allow a person to bring stuff in, I would say if you found one you are in deed very fortunate. Our theaters will through you out if they catch you breaking their rule of not bringing stuff in so we just go to watch the movie and don't even think of doing anything else.

Sans Wedding Ring: Restless Finger Syndrome {BV on Love}

Jan 30th 2010 8:53PM

Tuche... but from past experience, if I had a dollar for every man that started or had a relationship with me while presenting himself as single while actually being married... lets just say I would not be making loan payments. I now trust no one. The wife does lose some in the deal but utlimately the single woman looking for an honest relationship almost always loses because the guy is usually a player and never plans to actually leave his wife.

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