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Kate Hudson Welcomes a Baby Boy! {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 5:30PM

@Donna I wasn't making excuses that is proven that most people on the pill don't take it correctly and that 5 or so percent shouldn't take it in the first place and other things can also make it fail so back off me.

Kate Hudson Welcomes a Baby Boy! {PopEater}

Jul 10th 2011 2:10PM

@Nancy you're an idiot most women on oral hormonal contraception don't use it correctly and there's a certain percentage of women that can't use birth control of any sort plus it's an aboritifaciant if taken while pregnant or trying to conceive. she loves Ryder so much that she wanted another baby and her and Matt were blessed with one

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart Expecting Second Child {PopEater}

Jul 9th 2011 1:38PM

congrats to them on the new edition. besides she's far from the first star or so called star to have a child after age 35 or 40 Joanne Woodward Jeanne Crain Patricia Neal Audrey Hepburn Gena Rowlands Piper Laurie Natalie Wood Katherine Ross Jane Seymour Geena Davis Holly Hunter & Nicole Kidman amongst Many others. mind you five of those actresses mentioned above are Oscar winners something Gayhart will never be right those are Hepburn 1954 Woodward 1958 Neal 1964 Hunter 1994 and Kidman 2003. hope it's another girl little Billie Beatrice is so pretty.

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