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Port Orange HOA Tells Residents Yard Statues Aren't Allowed {AOL Real Estate}

Apr 5th 2013 7:54PM

Did it say she couldn't have the statue in her back yard ? I would NOT live in such a place ! Flying the AMERICAN flag is a symbol that this is AMERICA, and that is NOT a political statement.....where is our FREEdom ?
I can see rules need to be in place , no junky cars etc.....but this ? Sad sad.

Michelle Williams | The Evolution of a Pixie {StyleList (Main)}

Jul 23rd 2011 2:54PM

I grew my hair for five years to cut off to give to,LOCKS OF LOVE. I didn't realize how curly my hair was, until it was cut ! I will never have long hair again. WHO in their right mind thinks the long scragly unkept look is attractive ? There are no styles anymore, hair looks like the goats chewed it off.
I shower, shampoo, run my fingers through my hair and am clean and look good. Believe me I am as far from being a lesbian as anyone can get. That is not my cuppa tea, though I have friends of many colors and tastes.

Travolta and Preston Gearing Up for 'Silent Birth' {PopEater}

Nov 16th 2010 8:29AM

All my children were born face up, that means back labor.
Plus a couple were dry births, I screamed so loud they heard me 5 blocks away ! I felt like a blow torch was burning my insides and I was being ripped apart. The first few hours after a baby is born it needs to be cuddled and talked to,not treated like it isn't loved. I can't believe anyone can be so stupid. I have lost all respect for the Travolta's. I really feel sorry for their new baby.
The Duggars all prepare for home deliveries, with exercises and good information.

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