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Debbie Gibson Defends Britney Against Moby Attack {PopEater}

Jun 24th 2011 3:48PM

Who really gives a s@*t what Moby has to say. He's about a weak, pathetic musician, anyway. How do people like that get signed to a label.... furthermore, what kind of un-artistic ignoramuses would buy his poorly played-poorly sang garbage. It's time for a musical revolution! Notice to music providers: Stop serving up sonic garbage.. (that includes Britney's lame, lip synching garbage too)

Pete Doherty's Manager Sentenced to Jail Over Hit-and-Run {Spinner}

Feb 27th 2010 2:04PM

@ Fatboy, your ignorance is blinding. We call them limeys because british sailors, on long voyages, drank lime juice to prevent scurvy, in the late 1800's.

Potent Quotables: Grammys Backlash {Spinner}

Jan 31st 2010 10:43PM

It's all irrelevant. Country music is pre-fabed horse sh**- pick a catchy line, then construct a lame a** melody line, with worn out chord voicings, make sure every other line rhymes.......= garbage (most of it) Toby Keith, with that annoying billy goat vibrato and patronizing lyrics is a muse for the unintelligent. Rap is nothing but more horse sh**..... mother goose gone wrong, 4th grade rhymes, with un-important-self indulging, street corner amateurish lack of significance

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