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Brad and Angelina's Strict Nanny Requirements {PopEater}

Apr 21st 2011 7:39AM

Don't be ridiculous! There is no racism in the picture. Angelina is often seen with her oldest daughter. There was a time when every pic showed Angie carrying her around. The girl is big now and can't be carried like she used to. Jolie and Pitts are doing a great job. When is the last time you fostered, never mind adopted a child (black, white, asian, or otherwise)? Their kids look happy and confident. They must be doing something right. They work so someone has to watch the kids. What's wrong with giving them the best caretakers as possible. I'm black and poor so I have to work too. While I work, someone has to take care of my kids. The Jolie/Pitts are not on welfare, and neither am I. We (Pitts/Jolie and me) are doing the best we can. They just happen to be able to do more because of their financial status. WTG Angelina and Brad!!!

George Lopez makes 'fat' jokes at Kirstie Alley's expense {Celestrellas}

Mar 24th 2011 5:28PM

George equals ugly on the outside as well as ugly on the inside.

My Layoff Landed Me in Africa {AOL Jobs}

Feb 3rd 2010 11:45AM

Ron you do have a "woe is me attitude". This guy takes nothing from you and gives to universe by volunteering. What have you done for your Country, State, or City? He was put in a situation (the big lay-off) like so many others and he chooses to do something positive for others and himself. This helps him regroup and strategize what his next move will be. Afterall, he was a working member of society. Don't be jealous of him and get a clue. Do something good for your neighbor.

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