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Carl Edwards Wrecks Brad Keselowski to Win at Gateway {Fanhouse Motorsports Blog}

Jul 18th 2010 10:06AM

Carl edwards is a bully and a jek and he did not have to wreck that guy he could have killed him why doesn't nascar do something about him he is such a BABY...... you don't have to try to kill somewone to win a race is that the ONLY WAY HE CAN WIN

Julien Macdonald Calls Plus-Size Models a 'Joke' {StyleList (Main)}

Jun 14th 2010 4:09PM

That Model should watch her mouth who does she think she is
who is she to look down on any one the stinken wench.most of those people like that sleep thier way to the top how dare she say anyone is a joke..........

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