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Adam Lambert Spotted With 'Boyfriend' at LAX {AOL Music Blog}

Feb 17th 2011 4:15PM

Adam's personal life is his. We all know that he is gay and we don't care. Don't need or want to know about his relationship. He is one of the most talented artists to come along and this obsession with gay is getting old. Just want him to be happy and able to live his life in the open like others without feeling the need to discuss gay at every turn. If he is smart, he will not allow the media to get in the middle of his personal life. Please GTFU.

Crystal Bowersox: 'American Idol' Needs Simon Cowell {PopEater}

Dec 20th 2010 11:49AM

cookie cutter idol winner?/ She did not win. The only idol winner or runner up that she will outsell is Lee. I would not brag about how many songs I wrote until I wrote a hit.

MJ's Take: The Top 9 Channel Elvis, With A Little Help From Adam Lambert {AOL TV: American Idol}

Apr 14th 2010 11:54AM

I agree that Adam was fantastic as a mentor. I do not understand though how people who have nothing to do with casting the show think they should have been the ones to decide who the mentor would be. I don't think that Adam was chosen because Carrie and Kelly were not available. Idol has been on for 9 seasons, surely Carrie and Kelly were free at some point in all of those years. They wanted Adam, they got Adam and Adam delivered. He was picked because the media, fans and non-fans would be buzzing about it. None of the other former idols would have had that kind of impact. They wanted excitement and flair and nobody could bring that to the table like Adam. If they just wanted someone who had sold a lot of albums they would be doing the same thing that they have been doing year after year, picking people who sold a lot of albums.

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