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Miss Universe clarifies fraud allegations tarnishing Angola's crown {Celestrellas}

Sep 16th 2011 6:00AM

You mean people actually care about these pageants.

Elaine Stewart, Glamorous '50s Leading Lady, Dead at 81 {PopEater}

Jun 28th 2011 5:49PM

George...chill. John noted his mistake. It was just a mistake. Frankie on the other hand, well, you are right on the money. Elaine Stewart was great at a time when you really had to act and have sex appeal.

Michael Jackson's Death, Two Years Later {PopEater}

Jun 25th 2011 7:38PM

Dr. Conrad Murray is in trouble because of the medication he provided Michael Jackson. Those medication are NOT for home usage, therefore, should not have been used in Michael Jackson's residence.

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