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Details Emerge About Gary Coleman's Fatal Fall {PopEater}

Jun 1st 2010 5:27PM

You know it's messed up want happened to Gary, I mean I think they pulled the plug for money...what's his name from Rock of Love had the same thing happen to him and his family stood by him and didn't give up, but this has to with living wills, check the story

search "Could Gary have survived like Bret wendy phillips" and click on the apleblog post. It's pretty good.

Black Voices' Around the Web: 6-1-10 {Blackvoices Main}

Jun 1st 2010 4:55PM

You know I bet its gonna come out that his spouse, who is not that competent, pulled the plug for financial reasons. Here we have a movie star and they didn't exhaust everything before the plug was pulled. But what do expect when your living will isn't done right and its put into the hands of someone who can be influenced or not competent. Bret, had the same thing happen and he survived, and not much time went by and they pull the plug, I smell $candal. Check the story out

The Supreme Court: Forget Televising It; Get the Justices on Twitter {Politics Daily}

May 24th 2010 7:19AM

Now this article was funny, but it could turn out to be true, but what's up with Kagan's skirt suits. I mean any woman of significant power especially lawyers that were in the Clinton administration all had the pant suits, Ms. Clinton being the pant suit king. Anyways I don't know what that means, but I actually found a story on that check it out

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