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Report: 'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny Moves Back In {PopEater}

Sep 1st 2011 12:59AM

why are people so mean? if MTV wanted to pay you major cash to hang out ith your friends and do what you do....(which is prob exactly what they do and then some)..drink,dance, laugh,hook up and look silly...YOU WOULD> cause i would...remember they edit it as well. they take the crazy moments and smash it all together (or shall i say SMUSH it all together) lol

The Shiloh Effect -- Moms Who Opt for Weird Baby Names Narcissists? {Lemondrop}

Mar 8th 2010 11:27PM

well,i dont see it as being a narcissists at all.well actually it depends on the person. some woman have kids for them(the mother) to get the attention. so people can say:oh what a nice name,oh what nice clothes u dress him/her so nice,your a good mom most cases there wouldnt be anything wrong with that cause i dress my daughter great,take awesome care of her and she has a pretty name (gianna Rose) and i get told that as well...however all i do is for HER not for me. i named her gianna with the thought that when she grows up she'd love her name. instead of naming her coco,flower,or apple banana..lmao...i think her name is lovely and different.ive met lots of giannas,but at the time i named her that.. i really thought it was original..i mixed Gia and brianna ad got,guess i didnt make it up huh!? hehe

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