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Video: Sherri Shepherd Compares Treatment of Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown {PopEater}

Jan 16th 2010 1:35AM

if anyone is mad Chris isn't in jail, you should ask Rihanna. His and her attorneys worked to get a plea deal for Chris. Remember she didn't want the stay away order either and request via her lawyer for it to be dropped. If she desperately wanted him to be prosecuted to the full extent then she could have let it to go to trial.
also it is customary for victims to recant their story and go back to their boyfriend/husband after an incident. Radio stations started banning his music before that photo was leaked. Charlie sheen even shot Kelly Preston accidentally in the arm when they where dating. She broke up with him afterwards but he has continued to be employed.

Video: Sherri Shepherd Compares Treatment of Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown {PopEater}

Jan 15th 2010 9:41PM

If Ms. Hasselbeck considers herself a Christian as I have heard her say previously, she is REQUIRED by her faith in God to forgive Chris Brown.

There is a double standard with this situation so far. Chris Brown admitted his involvement in the assault days before the photo was leaked. While Charlie only denies grabbing a knife. It was also reported that Sophia Mueller's neck had red marks from Charlie Sheen holding her by the throat, so there is proof which is why he was held in jail on x-mas day and a protective order was placed against him. Charlie Sheen has multiple events of assaulting women sexually or physically stemming from the 80s and 90s but keeps getting a pass by the industry. Also CSI: Miami's Jonathan Togo was arrested for domestic violence in December too but that is all kept very quiet.

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