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Doggy Home-Care Medicine Chest {Pawnation OLD}

Oct 11th 2011 7:39PM

More dogs have died from rimadyl than baby aspirin. Read about the dangers of rimadyl on the internet.

Pal: Miley Is Steaming Mad About Billy Ray's Betrayal {PopEater}

Feb 23rd 2011 9:57AM

Miley is a spoiled brat and needs to grow up. If she wasn't Billy Ray's daughter, she would be a "No Body". She owes him big time.

Saint or Monster, Elizabeth Edwards Isn't the Issue {Politics Daily}

Jan 19th 2010 8:05PM

Lizzie Shurnick, [...]. Since when should the spouse who has been cheated on be stuck with a child support payment of $17,500 a month? John has no money.

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