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Now It's Personal: Jay Leno Jokes About Dave Letterman's Marriage {PopEater}

Jan 21st 2010 5:39PM

First of all, Johnny Carson did not choose Jay Leno. He chose David Letterman, but it wasn't his choice. (He even wrote topical jokes for Letterman throughout his retirement.) Secondly, Jay Leno stated that he was leaving because he thought it was time to move on, because The Tonight Show is something you hold for a while and then pass on to the next person. But then a couple months ago he went back on his word and said in an interview that he'd be happy to take The Tonight Show back if NBC gave it to him, which was probably the leverage they used to push Conan O'Brien around. If Jay doesn't dishonor the agreement, none of this mess happens. NBC relents, dumps Jay's awful primetime show, and probably lines up something awful for him in the future. Or he could've waited a year and gone to another network. If Leno had a decent bone in his body, that's the way things would have gone. And, no, he won't be back on top because he and NBC have managed to destroy his public image. There are actually rallies where people hate Jay Leno en masse, and they're loaded with people from the key demographics. I'd be surprised if he hasn't been burned in effigy yet. Sure, he'll probably win back the viewers he had before, but they'll all be dead in a few years, at which point we'll have to tolerate promos of "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, featuring the Masturbating Bear."

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