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Katy Perry Too Hot for 'Sesame Street' {ParentDish}

Sep 23rd 2010 2:17PM

Wait -- they decided against airing it based on Youtube comments?? That's pretty funny. I thought the clip was cute, her dress was cute, and the song is perfect for a Sesame Street parody. Not having a kid in the Sesame Street age range, I wouldn't have known the video existed without the "controversy"... I don't think anyone involved with the video is crying over having to announce that they won't be airing the clip on the show -- the whole world is going to watch it online now.

Miley Cyrus Ruined My Daughter's Name {ParentDish}

Sep 10th 2010 12:15AM

Honestly, I probably wouldn't like having the name Miley either. What gets me is that the girl has a perfectly beautiful middle name, Elizabeth, and the daughter (apparently) feels it's worthless because all the nicknames have been "taken"? What's this obsession with being the only one with the name? And does the daughter really think everyone will love her when she presents herself as Zarya? The most popular girl at my high school was named Jennifer, like about a dozen other girls in the class.

Mother Raising Her Own Voice Over Restaurant's Ban on Screaming Kids {ParentDish}

Sep 9th 2010 11:29PM

Ms. Chambliss really thinks that "Screaming Children Won't Be Tolerated" is the same thing as racial segregation by law? Really? It's interesting that she feels her child is so singled out by the sign. It actually treats all children the same -- and that's her problem. She may have a valid point, but it seems to me that all this will do is discourage restaurants who want to minimize disturbances to their patrons from allowing any children at all.

As for adults being worse and no one does anything, I've seen adults ejected from restaurants or bars before, but never children. I've seen parents voluntarily remove their children, but overly loud adults (unless it's, like, a bar during a football game) are dealt with more aggressively than noisy children in my experience -- and lots of places will refuse service if a patron is on their cell phone.

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