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Willow Crashes Her Car in a Race With Her Dad on 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' (VIDEO) {AOL TV}

Dec 28th 2010 8:37AM

Its ironic that such sharp critics of this show are seemingly glued to it....if it is so bad why watch and comment? obviously you must be in love...and just because you are filled with hate you talk trash? face it, if you are a liberal douche keep it to yurself, and if someone doesnt agree with you, as i have read, obama sucks etc...well suck it up, neal and bob, and far its america still and we all dont need to agree with the loudest douche in the bag....and although i never saw the show, one writer here was correct, the palins are attractive patriotic family and that is fantastic...and as for me, to be politically correct, i will just say...go fuck yourself critic liberal twat....should your wish come true and socialism reign, you are the first weak link to be eliminated, jack ass. enjoy :)

Deciphering Stephen Hawking {AOL Hot Searches}

Sep 3rd 2010 12:52PM

hawkins is a self-pity douche...since he lost hope for himself, he decides to slam on the existance of God...maybe his new deal with the devil will make him a song and dance man...he should be grateful for any positive traits he had..and not become a sorrowful twat, that hides his self loathing behind a new anti-religious theory. its easy to know there is a God, due to the existance of good and evil in would be easier of there was no God or no rules, then there would be free reign to destroy and eliminate all based on survival of the fitest...and sadly he would be the first to in his next book, he should thank God for people's belief and compassion on him.

Prosecutors to Charge Charlie Sheen With Felony {PopEater}

Feb 4th 2010 6:55PM

charlie sheen is a boring spoiled d-bag, daddy martin can confirm that without his nepotism in that business, charlie would still be charlie..alow-life, low-class dope head, but ... livin in the streets instead of the gossip headlines! he freaked out and gets a slap on the wrist, when anyone else outside of fantasyland would get time...he needs a kick in the balls.

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